How Entrepreneurial Expert Daniel Shin is Delivering Effective Leadership & You Can Too

With the rise of the internet and the truly connected way it has allowed people to unite, there have never been more potential opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Daniel Shin is the co-CEO and founder of PortOne Global, a payments processing orchestrator for the Asian market.

Shin is a serial entrepreneur best known for his ability to connect with team members while guiding them toward fruitful solutions. Shin’s management style and leadership skills have been highlighted numerous times, leaving him offering insights and tips to potential followers.

Let’s break down a few different ways that Shin has helped to cultivate a successful business.

Traits That Correlate With Leadership

In addition to his focus on developing solid leadership skills, Daniel Shin believes that qualified leaders have a focus on several core strategies. To get the most out of his team, Shin advocates for the following.

  • Learn to Delegate – Delegation and prioritization can go a long way toward fruitful success. Learning to delegate is one of the most important skills an executive leader possesses.
  • Prioritize Tasks – Prioritizing tasks by handing them to the appropriate leaders can go a long way toward improving timely project completion while better aligning your teams. Shin also suggests that prioritization can help lead to a risk of burnout.
  • Avoid the Office – A little more controversial, Daniel Shin thinks it can be helpful to take time away from the office to work. Shin says, “It gives me the opportunity to think and zone in on what I believe. Then, when I go back to the office and meet people, I can debate with higher conviction.”

Focus on Leadership Skills

Highly effective leaders will stand out in the crowd because they look at both the large picture and the small details as they arrive. By embracing both ends of the spectrum, Shin suggests that skilled leaders can better guide their staff toward fruitful outcomes. With a united and focused team and a big-picture view, people like Shin can help them to reach their potential.

Shin also suggests that it is important to know when and where to prioritize your time as a corporate leader. Shin says, “I believe productivity is about having a command over where to spend your time.”

In order to maximize his outcomes, Shin focuses on a select list of tasks so that he can make them a priority. Focusing on a smaller selection of decisions can lead to better and more thought-out results.

Shin added about the way that he used to do business, “My typical day used to be bogged down with calls and meetings. That led to a schedule that stressed quantity over quality, leaving many decisions without due time and thinking.”

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