A Comprehensive Guide to the Claim Inspection Process in Car Insurance

Car inspection is a concept that relates to a car insurance policy in two ways. One is the inspection, which is a part of pre-policy purchase procedures. The other one is a pre-claim process. In this blog, we are going to discuss the pre-claim car inspection process to increase awareness among policyholders.

There is a procedure the policyholder and the policy providers follow to complete the claim. The company sends a surveyor to inspect the vehicle, proofs, incident, and the policyholder for verification. This entire process is called the claim inspection process in relation to car insurance claims.

If you choose the right company, the procedure becomes seamless and hassle-free for you. The smooth execution does not take a lot of time, and hence, you benefit from timely claim completion.

When it comes to reputed companies like Tata AIG, a car insurance claim isn’t a huge ordeal for the policyholders. They have more than 850 claim experts to help you file the claim, inspect, and complete the claim as early as possible.

Understanding this concept of pre-claim car inspection will help you in many ways. It will help you act quickly when the time comes and provide the right information to your company at the time of the accident. Moreover, we are here to make the procedure even easier for you by explaining the entire concept in detail.

 Pre-Claim Car Inspection

This type of inspection is necessary to verify the authenticity of the claim application a certain policyholder has made. This validation is important because the insurance company is entrusting financial help to the said person.

This is to avoid falling for any fraudulent attempt by the insured. The auto insurance claim inspection process verifies the incident, proofs, and the repair cost quoted by the policyholder. This process is conducted physically by authorities that have expertise in the field.

 Pre-Claim Car Inspection Procedure

  •  Inform the Insurance Company

In case of an accident or damage caused by fire, flood, or man-made disaster, the policyholder has the right to raise a claim for repairs or replacement.

Once the claim is raised, the insurance company assigns a surveyor to examine the entire situation. You need to notify the company of the damage that occurred due to the accident.

  •  Provide the Necessary Documents

In order to raise the claim, you will have to submit all the documents to the insurance company. This helps them to verify the status of your car insurance and claim history.

You will have to send documents like policy details and personal details. These include your policy number, licence and car registration number, name, government identity card, KYC documents, etc.

  •  Provide the Proofs of Accident

The insurance company requires proof of the accident or disaster you claimed to have taken place.

Submit photos of the current condition of the car, the location of the accident, CCTV footage of any shop or office nearby (should have the footage of the accident), police FIR, and any witness statement about the accident. This increases the authenticity of your complaint and claim.

  •  Assigning of the Surveyor

The car pre-claim inspection starts from here. The insurance company appoints a surveyor to verify all the information, documents, and data provided by the policyholder.

The surveyor then verifies and inspects the damage to the car, how much damage has been inflicted, and whether the report is authentic or not.

  •  Verification Process

The surveyor takes photos and videos of the car after the accident as visual proof for the insurance company. The surveyor puts forth their opinion on the claim.

Apart from verifying the authenticity of the claim, they will also survey whether the damage and claim amount align with each other or not.

  •  The Final Word

This report, the visual proofs, and the surveyor’s opinion are kept in front of the insurance company officials. The insurance company also surveys the proofs and data.

If they see it fit and if the claim sits right in the criteria of the insurance company, they will land on the decision that this policyholder should receive the claimed amount, either through compensation format or through cashless repair and replacement services.

If the claim does not fit the criteria, if they find any fake or deceiving facts, the insurance company rejects the claim.


Car inspection is performed to verify the authenticity of the damage, to allot appropriate claims, to determine the cost of the insurance policy, and more such reasons. When you buy an online car insurance policy, you also receive a chance to perform self-inspection through mobile software or applications. This is all thanks to technology!

Car inspection is an important procedure. It is necessary for the insurance provider to understand the condition of the car at the time of issuing a policy or accepting a claim.

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