Mudjacking- efficient and budget friendly slabjacking


Concrete slab settling and sinking occurs if soil, at the time of installation, is not compacted properly. It may also take place if water runoff is not efficiently siphoned.

Through mudjacking, also known as slabjacking, sunken concrete slab is lifted by pumping grout mixture through concrete to push the sunken slab upwards.

For raising and stabilizing a sunken or unstable concrete slab, two efficient methods employed are polyurethane concrete lifting and mudjacking.

In polyurethane concrete lifting, substrate of polyurethane is injected through drilled holes into the slab. Whereas in mudjacking a slurry mixture of water, sandy soil and cement is pumped beneath the settled or sunken slab to lift it.

Mudjacking and its functions

Mudjacking has two basic applications for repairing a foundation i.e. filling voids and raising interior and exterior floors.

Most foundation problems are encountered due to concrete settling of perimeter of building. In order to level the settled portions, piers are pushed under perimeter foundation.

The raising of foundation creates void under the slab. These voids with mudjacking methods are filled by pumping slurry mixture of water, sandy soil and cement through holes drilled in the perimeter grade beam.

The slurry mixture, used for mudjacking, creates a solid and stable fill that lifts and stabilizes the slab back to its original location.

The other primary application of mudjacking, besides filling voids in foundation, is to raise interior or exterior floors.

When floors, interior or exterior, settle or sink, using same mudjacking methods of pumping grout mixture by drilling 2” holes through concrete slabs of affected areas help lifting floors to their normal level.

In addition, mudjacking effectively and economically raises concrete on sidewalks, walkways, driveways decks, porches, patios, basement and garage floors.

Benefits of mudjacking

The mudjacking method has several advantages. It is easy, takes much less time in completion and permits immediate use.

Mudjacking can be undertaken in any weather and is inexpensive.

When compared with replacement of slab or foundation, mudjacking is much more economical and efficient method of raising settled slab.

Though grinding is not costly but likely to compromise aesthetics, may be due to color not matching with other floors.

Mudjacking process does not affect surrounding landscape and hence protects the curb appeal of building.

No disposal of cement or any other material makes mudjacking 100% eco-friendly.

Mudjacking trailer system used by concrete slabjacking companies is budget-friendly, ready to work concrete raising equipment option.

Easily maneuverable, mini mudjacking trailers are fitted with mudjacking pump and hydraulic paddle mixer and hydraulic dump to facilitate easy and smooth mudjacking.

Mudjacking trailer system is not only a comprehensive but budget friendly solution for small scale mudjacking.

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