A Night to Remember: Cirque du Soleil Displays High-Flying Acrobatics and Unforgettable Performances

Rising from the small side streets of Baie-Saint-Paul under the guidance of performers Guy Laliberte and Gilles Ste-Croix, Cirque du Soleil has become synonymous with the best Las Vegas performers and live performances in the industry.

Originally founded in some form during the late 70s, Cirque du Soleil would land in Las Vegas in the late 80s, where it would set the path leading to its current stardom.

Now a permanent fixture in Las Vegas, visitors looking for the best shows in Vegas tonight will find plenty of options to choose from.

Let’s dive into an exploration of a few of our favorite shows in Vegas!

Get Pumped For Live Music

Whether traveling with friends, family members, or your significant other, you will want to experience all of the musical performances put on display by Cirque du Soleil while in Vegas. The best last-minute tickets Las Vegas has are almost always available, so let’s highlight a few of our favorite musical shows.

The Beatles LOVE at The Mirage

If you all need love for a good night, you should probably set your sights on The Beatles LOVE at The Mirage. This three-time Grammy Award-winning show was brought to life by Giles Martin, son of legendary producer Sir George Martin, and it imbues all of the classic vibes that made the Beatles who they were.

Considered one of the most immersive Cirque du Soleil shows, LOVE is a fantastic way to spend some time with fans of 60s music, the Beatles, and live performances.

Michael Jackson ONE at The Mandalay Bay

If soaring 60s soundscapes don’t do it for you, you’ll enjoy a change of pace at Mandalay Bay, where Michael Jackson ONE has been stunning fans for years. While ostensibly a Cirque du Soleil production, ONE is more focused on Michael Jackson and the nostalgia that fans may have for his work. Limited on athletic and acrobatic adventures, ONE is still a premier experience for music lovers.

There is a massive surprise at the end of the performance, so stay until the production’s final moments to get your money’s worth.

The Blue Man Group

There are live Las Vegas performances, and then there is The Blue Man Group. Already one of the most iconic performance groups in Las Vegas, fans or first-time attendees will enjoy a night to remember at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. The Blue Man Group blends frenetic fun with live music, dialogue-free comedy, and just about anything else you can imagine.

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